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First, let me introduce myself. My name is Ernie Beckett, and I've been welding cars and other vehicles since 1980. I worked at the Rover plant in Longbridge, Birmingham as a welder for over two decades, but just before the company started having trouble, I saw my opportunity to get out. I took voluntary redundancy and used the money to set up my own small welding business - Autoweld.

After listening carefully to feedback from my customers, I quickly discovered why so many people are reluctant to take their car to a garage nowadays:

(a) They don't want to pay garage prices, and

(b) They are worried about paying extra for possibly unnecessary work that might be "discovered" by the garage.

Can you remember the last time you took your car to a garage - maybe just for a check-up, or an MOT? Perhaps like most people, whenever you have to do that you feel a slight twinge of nerves - because you never quite know what they're going to find, or how much it's going to cost you.

Plus, here's a useful piece of information, regardless of where you decide to take your vehicle for welding:

Garages typically charge a minimum of £60 an hour (plus VAT) for a welding job. Take your car to a dealership and you could be charged as much as £80 an hour (plus VAT) or more. (Don't take my word for it, go in and get a quote!) So if your job is going to take three hours at a dealership, you could be paying at least £240... assuming they will actually finish the job in 3 hours, and not charge you for half a day, or even the whole day!

The question is...

Why do garages and dealerships charge so much?

Well, there are the usual costs: materials, lighting, electricity, tax, wages etc. However, garages or dealerships usually have extra costs: higher taxes to pay, a receptionist to answer calls, a monthly bonus for the manager, etc - all of which come out of your £60 or £80 an hour. In other words, if you take your car to the local garage, you are paying for the manager's extra skiing holiday this year - aren't you generous?

Now, I'm not a mechanic, I'm a welder. That's why I don't like taking my car to a garage, because if a mechanic says there's a problem with my car's driveshaft or joint gaiter, who am I to tell if he's right or not... I wouldn't have a clue!

Actually, the fact that I'm a welder (and not a mechanic) is one of the biggest reasons why people bring their welding jobs to me with complete confidence: because I won't be talking them into extra mechanical work they might not need.

Plus, since I work from my garage at home, my costs are pretty simple: materials, lighting, electricity, tax, my own wages... oh, and a healthy supply of tea or coffee for my customers.

That's why I can easily beat any reputable garage's quote for your welding job. In fact, I normally charge between 30% and 50% less than your local garage - for exactly the same work! As I said, don't take my word for it... take your car to your local garage or dealership, and get a quote. (Make sure it's a quote, and not an estimate, since estimates are basically a garage saying, "Here's what I'm guessing it's going to cost you... we'll work out the exact cost for you once you've given us your car to work on.")

When you've got their quote, drive your vehicle away... and give me a call or send me an email. Click here to contact me.

What happens after that? We'll agree upon a time for you to bring your car down, so I can look at it and give you a free quote. (Click here if you can't get your car to me.) I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at my price, and don't forget... the price I quote you is the price you pay - nothing more. Obviously if you want more work doing, it will cost you more - but rest assured I won't be talking you into extra work, or frightening you with stories about how your motor is about to explode if you don't have this or that done.

When you decide you want me to do the job, we'll agree on a time for you to drop your motor off so I can work on it. When you come down, you'll even get a free cup of tea or coffee!

So, to sum it all up...

Here's the benefits of bringing your welding job to me, rather than a garage:

So what happens now?

Write down my web address for later reference - it's

(It's easy to remember, because I'm in Birmingham, I'm a Welder, and I'm in the (dot co.) UK, but it's still a good idea to write it down, just in case!)

When you're ready for a quote, give me a call on my mobile 07811 628901, or you can contact me via email from this site. Click here for my contact form.

If you have any other questions, click here for my page of Frequently Asked Questions. If you need directions to get to me, then click here. If you'd like to contact me, click here.

Thanks for visiting, and I'll put the kettle on in anticipation of your call!

Ernie Beckett

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